Accredit your training courses with the Alliance of Natural Health and Beauty. 

We are committed to raising the industry standard. Our rigorous quality testing means that only quality, means tested training courses are approved. 

What to expect from a ANHB approved course.

Quality training!

Qualified teachers

Our strict criteria for accreditation allows only the best, professional courses to be passed. 

We only allow fully qualified teachers to teach our accredited courses. These teachers must hold the minimum teaching and course relevant qualifications.

Occupational Standards

All training courses must meet the minimum National Occupational Standards which will be required for you to obtain insurance.

Getting your training course accredited by us.

For us to accredit one of your courses you must be able to provide us with following;

  • Schemes of Work

  • Lesson Plans

  • Manual/Handbook

  • Guided Learning hours

  • Methods of Assessment

  • Qualifications of the tutor subject and teaching

  • Delivery method (online, in person, live classes)

  • Pre requisites

  • Practical hours (if appropriate)

You can download our Accreditation Guide in your membership area.