Are you a therapist? Can you go back to work yet?

No in our industry we cannot go back to work yet, as we cannot apply the 2m social distancing rule which is still in place.

It’s a wait and see situation because we have to monitor things, it might be late June or July but only if we keep the ‘R’ number down there’s no decision as they have to see if things are safe after gradual lifts of the lockdown.

Therapists (mobile and at a salon) and training schools can’t open yet.

The government has stated that you can only go back to work if you can’t work from home and only if you can put into place social distancing and your business or place of employment are not on the list of businesses that have been told to close.

You could take this time to work on your business plan, practice self care and transfer some of your services online. You may also choose to upskill with some of the courses which are being offered online, but be sure to check that you would be covered by insurance on completion of your studies.

Our members have all received some business guidance via email as part of their membership package.

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